Tender/Notice No. Date Tender/Notice Details Due Date Document/s
RSMM/CO / GGM(Cont)/ Cont-13/17-18



150 Cm high fencing {total length approximately 4200 meter of precast R.C. posts of 15cmx15cm tapered to 10x10cm at top placed at every 3m apart 30cm in ground embedded in cement concrete 1:3:6 (30x30x45cm) corner and every tenth posts to be strutted with same R.C posts provided with 6 horizontal lines and two diagonals of black barbed wire between the two posts fitted and fixed with G.I staples including earth work in excavation etc. complete (9:32, B-62) as per specification mentioned in “G” schedule based on BSR Nagaur circle – 2013.

RSMM/SBU&PC-GYP/CONT/05/2017-18 22.08.2017 Removal of overburden & excavation of mineral gypsum by using hydraulic excavator/s (Not older than 3 years from the date of DLOA, capacity 0.90 m3 minimum) & other related machines, it’s loading into trucks/trollas, leveling of worked out area/s, maintenance of mine approach / access road/s and other related works at  Dhani Abdullawali Gypsum Mine, Tehsil–Kolayat, District-Bikaner


RSMM/CO/ADM/ NIT-1/2017 16.08.207 Annual Maintenance Contract for EPABX System & telephone instruments, cabling etc.  at Corporate office & Jhamarkotra Mines
RSMM/SBU&PC-GYP/CONT/04/2017-18 14.08.2017 Providing one water tanker having 5000 litre capacity with water sprinkler attachment on hire basis, arrangement of water at his own cost including drinking water, its transportation to departmental & public weighbridges, office buildings & staff quarters, parking place of trucks/ trollas, weighbridges to village approach road, plantation site for watering to plants, sprinkling water on mine's approach /access road & any other related places at Dehriya Gypsum Mines in Tehsil-kolayat,  District-Bikaner
आर.एस.एम.एम./एसबीयू एण्‍ड  पीसी-एल.एस./  जीजीएम-एलएस/ संविदा-05/17-18
02.08.2017 सानू लाइम्स्टोन माइन्स पर केन्‍टीन संचालन हेतु 23.08.2017  
F 9 (1) 39/2017/30 08.08.2017 एसबीयू - पीसी (लिग्नाइट) खनिज भवन के लिए केन्‍टीन का संचालन हेतु निविदा प्रपत
आर.एस.एम.एम./ एसबीयू एण्‍ड पीसी-एल.एस./  जीजीएम-एलएस/ संविदा-04/2017-18 01.08.2017 सानू माइन्स , जैसलमेर के लिए टेंकर द्वारा पानी परिवहन इतियादी विभिन कार्यों हेतु

Corrigendum 1
RSMM/CO/MM/ NIT-10/17-18 27.07.2017 Supply, Installation & Commissioning of ABT Compliant Meters, Current Transformers, Potential Transformers etc with Suiatble Panels at Eklingpura 132KV GSS of RRVPNL & Jhamarkotra Mines, Udaipur
Annexure E

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e- Tender No. RSMM/ CO / GGM (Cont)/Cont-12/17-18




Emptying of abandoned Tailing Dam behind LGO crushing plant, including excavation and transportation of tailings from all levels of dam area to dump near 3.3 KV substation at Mines & proper unloading including stacking & leveling, and all other preparatory & allied works etc (approximate quantiy 1.5 lakh BCM)


e-Tender No. RSMM/CO/ GGM(CO.)/Cont-11/17-18




Providing one Water Tanker having 5000 liters capacity with water sprinkler attachment on hire basis (including cost of water), for water sprinkling on mine approach / access roads & and other related places Ballar Gypsum Mines each, Tehsil–Khajuwala, District-Bikaner


e_TENDER NO. RSMM _CO_MM_NIT_09 _ 2017-18 20.7.2017 Supply of Genuine & Original HP/ Canon make Ink/Toner Cartridges to our SBU-PC (RP),Jhamarkotra Mines, SBU-PC (LS),Jodhpur, SBU-PC (Lig.), Jaipur, SBU-PC (Gyp.), Bikaner, Registered Office, Jaipur & Corporate Office, Udaipur

Corrigendum 1


RSMM/SBU& PC-GYP/CONT/ 03/2017-18 18.07.2017 Removal of overburden & excavation of mineral gypsum, it’s loading into trucks/trollas, leveling of worked out area/s, maintenance of mine approach / access road/s and other related works at Dhani Abdullawali Gypsum Mine, Tehsil–Kolayat, District-Bikaner
RSMM/ Phos/ Eng(C)/ 35/15-16/2017-18/1245 09.07.2017 Repair/Replacement of rolling shutters and channel gate at various locations of Jhamarkotra Mines
RSMM/PHOS/CS/ NIT/17-18/46 13.07.2017 Work of data feeding and management related activities at Central stores and  Store account section at Jhamarkotra Rock Phosphate Mine” of RSMML

Corrigendum 1
e_TENDER NO. RSMM _CO_MM_NIT_08 _ 2017-18 13.7.2017

Supply of ISI marked Black colour Industrial Leather Safety Shoes for Men and Women suitable for use at open cast mines for all the units of RSMML

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RSMM/Phos/Eng(E)/ 22(2)/IBP- BMM/2017-18/ 04 04.07.2017 Repairing/rewinding work of CGL make motor 600 kw, 3300 volt, 1486 rpm, s.no. KMHA 489061/2 used for Ball mill at IBP, Jhamarkotra Mines of SBU & PC: Rock Phosphate
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